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Manage easily credit card payments and control multiple stations

Our advanced EV parking, charging and payment solution enable you to meet regulations, enhance property value, align with sustainability goals and adapt to future demands. Embrace the future of mobility, elevate your brand and make a lasting impression on your customers, partners and stakeholders.

Beyond Compliance: Embrace the Future of Mobility

By providing EV parking and charging solutions, you’re not only being compliant with regulations such as AFIR in the EU, but also embracing the future of mobility. Position your business as a forward-thinking pioneer in sustainable movement. Inspire customers, tenants, and partners with your dedication to a cleaner, greener future.

Key benefits of TouchPayGo for Charging Operators

  • One kiosk that serves several charging points, ad hoc payment.​
  • Accessible for different charging station manufacturers.​
  • No membership required.​
  • Excellent for parking in combination with charging.​
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Elevate Your Brand: Communicate Your Commitment to Sustainability​

Let your company’s EV parking, charging and payment solutions attract environmentally conscious customers and contribute to a cleaner world. Let your brand be synonymous with innovation and sustainability.​

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Optimised solutions tailored for every parking and charging service provider.