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Introducing TouchPayGo, a tailored modern payment unit

Parking operators

Combine parking and charging, no subscription​.

Charging point operators​

One kiosk that serves several charging points, ad hoc payment​.

Service providers​

Upgrade to a high quality and esthetic payment unit, reliably even in the harshest conditions.

Aerial view of parking area

A streamlined solution that simplifies the process for both operators and users

We understand the challenges faced by city maintenance personnel and parking and charging operators when it comes to EV charging.​

Current parking and charging systems require users to manage multiple tags, cards, and subscriptions, making it complex and time-consuming.​ However, there is a growing demand for a streamlined solution that simplifies the process for both operators and users.​

Key functions

TouchPayGo is a tailored modern payment unit.

  • No subscriptions needed. Users can easily charge vehicles via secure credit card payment.
  • Our system integrates with various EV stations.
  • TouchPayGo manages payments, controls multiple stations, and withstands tough environments with its durable design.​

Exceptional quality

Made in Sweden for quality, it comes in wall-mounted and ground stand variants. Beyond EV charging, TouchPayGo can also handle other payments, visitor registration, or serve as an information board. Enhance the experience with TouchPayGo – your awaited solution.


Technical specifications

Dimensions Wall mounted: 216 x 292 x 52mm​ (W x H x D)
Screen 10.1″ colour screen “optically bonded” with the touch sensor and the outer glass IK10 rated
IP casing IP 65
Temperature range -20 to +70 degrees celcius
Communication Possibility of WiFi and 4G/5G
Design Slim, esthetically pleasing construction & design
Country of manufacture Sweden