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TouchPayGo is a ready payment device for parking and charging 

TouchPayGo is a ready payment device for parking and charging  Articles

Author: Tuomas Sauliala

The smart TouchPayGo payment device has attracted attention with its level of readiness at major spring events, the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo and the Intertraffic Amsterdam trade fair. 

TouchPayGo combines both parking and charging with smooth card payment in one smart device. It can be used to control several charging devices, regardless of their charging power and model, as long as the device uses the industry’s standardized communication interfaces.  

In addition to the actual touchscreen payment device, TouchPayGo has various certified connections to different acquirers that can be used right away. 

It was clearly visible, that operators for parking and charging including other e-mobility actors were especially interested in ready solutions both at the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo and at the Intertraffic fair in Amsterdam. 

Applications in Finland and Sweden 

Norwegian company Elywhere develops and sells fully mobile rapid deployment chargers. Elywhere’s product includes two high-power charging devices, both with two charging connectors. In addition, the system is equipped with batteries providing up to a megawatt of power. As a result, electric car charging can be temporarily established at events, for example. 

Sweden’s second largest fuel distributor, Preem, has included Elywhere’s charger in its range equipped with the TouchPayGo payment device.The mobile charger of Preem and Elywhere is indeed independent of charging operators, as a smooth payment can be made conveniently by card. 

The Finnish eMabler presented its open, cloud-based charging device management service at the Nordic EV Summit. ParkChargePay and eMabler recently formed a cooperation that enables the TouchPayGo payment device to connect to charging devices through eMabler’s management service. 

“Electric car charging and paying must be easy for the user, so that more and more users choose an electric car. Too often the user must download and manage several different mobile phone applications, and this creates confusion. We see that the ParkChargePay cooperation brings ease to users and thus contributes to the promotion of electric cars”, Juha Stenberg, CEO of eMabler Oy comments on the cooperation.  

Both the device and the system are ready 

Even so, it is not enough for various operators that TouchPayGo is an easy-to-use, smart payment device. What makes the device special are the services and documented interfaces that operate in the background, which already today enable the widespread use of various payment cards and, for example, the delivery of a receipt. 

TouchPayGo can be widely integrated into the services of various operators. In terms of its system, the payment device is therefore a complete solution for charging and parking payment needs. That’s why it interests so many actors in the field of electronic mobility and parking. 

The Finnish Semel Oy and Modulsystem Sweden AB, which are behind TouchPayGo, have decades of experience in payment systems for taxi and parking services. Therefore, the development of payment solutions also for charging cars has been a natural progression.