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ParkChargePay – Innovative payment solution for Electric car charging in collaboration with Preem

ParkChargePay – Innovative payment solution for Electric car charging in collaboration with Preem Press releases

Author: ParkChargePay

Press release 2024-02-01  

Stockholm 2024-02-01 – Today, we are introducing a ground-breaking payment solution for electric car owners, simplifying and streamlining the charging process. The new payment device for multiple charging points offers convenient and seamless payment by credit card. The payment solution does not require membership or a mobile app: The customer can just select the desired product and swipe their card. The receipt is sent electronically to the customer’s email or can be downloaded online afterwards.

During the winter, ParkChargePay in close collaboration with Preem will introduce the TouchPayGo device for DC charging, initially on 2 chargers with a total of 4 charging sockets. The DC chargers and a payment unit are mounted on a mobile platform that will first be placed in Mora during the month of February 2024. Our common goal is that electric car drivers will find card payments quick and easy when charging their vehicle, without membership or pre-registration required.

“We want to offer our customers a payment solution that is fast, flexible and secure. The ability for customers to easily pay by card and recharge without the need for a special app or membership is particularly valuable. This will be an important complement to charging with our app or corporate card. We will test the ParkChargePay solution on a mobile Preem charging station that can be used in various locations with limited availability of land or long delivery times for electricity connection and in connection with various events,” says Tobias Henmark, Senior Advisor in Preem’s e-mobility team.

With the increasing transition to electric cars, we see a growing need for simple and secure payment for charging and parking fees. After Christmas and New Year, we have all read about challenges around public charging and accessibility. With card payment, we now help charging and parking operators to offer a fast, simple and secure card payment without membership or pre-registration via app.

Our innovative payment solution combines convenience and functionality, enabling access to several charging sockets at the same time in one payment unit. The TouchPayGo device is available in ground and wall-mounted versions and is built for the demanding Nordic climate. The device is designed and manufactured in Sweden and can be connected to most types of EV chargers on the market.

Key features of ParkChargePay include:

Credit card payment: Easy and secure payment directly by credit card, eliminating the need for a membership and app. By using tokenisation for card purchases, the customer’s time to purchase is minimised. With the device using PinOnGlass/PIN code verification, high value purchases can be made when needed.

Multifunctional payment device: A single payment unit that supports multiple charging sockets, which increases availability and minimises the investment cost for you as an operator. Charge for EV charging and parking in combination or separately with one transaction.

User-friendly Design: Clear and intuitive interface design for a hassle-free user experience, both for beginners and experienced electric car owners.

This payment solution is a step towards creating a more accessible and user-friendly infrastructure for operators offering charging and parking services. We strive to facilitate the transition to electric operation by offering practical and innovative solutions for daily use.

For further information and enquiries, please contact:

Mats Monié
Sales Director Modulsystem Sweden AB / ParkChargePay Phone: 08-50630100

ParkChargePay is part of Modulsystem Sweden AB which is a leader in payment systems for public transport, electric car charging and parking. ParkChargePay is committed to driving innovation in the electric vehicle infrastructure. With a focus on user-friendliness and sustainability, we strive to shape the future of mobility where easy card payments are a natural part of the infrastructure for payment of charging and parking.